Professional Audio

Professional audio services are key to any event. Mainly needed for speech reinforcement and entertainment, they can also play a part in life-safety notification, expanding your communication abilities thought your event space. 

We provide high performance audio equipment complete with worry free setup, operation and strike.

It is not uncommon for events and concerts to be held in spaces with acoustical challenges and high ambient noise levels,  our sound reinforcement systems are designed to be effective, intelligible, flexible, and pleasing to your audience.

Whether you want to address a crowd of 100 or 100,000 we’ll help you create the uniform level of loudness and high level of intelligibility you require. We can also assist you with specialty systems for small spaces, wireless assistive listening equipment for the hard of hearing, portable sound systems, AV conferencing solutions for ballrooms, and pro-audio systems for large indoor/ outdoor applications.

Our most popular Audio products and services