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Navigating Prosperity Together: A Commitment to Our Investors

Welcome to Forty Two Inc., an industry leader in the global audiovisual and event technology services sector, within a thriving market worth $538.6 billion by 2030.*

Our expertise lies in curating exceptional experiences that linger in the memories of thousands of attendees. Through a dedicated team of highly skilled technical professionals, we develop innovative solutions that enhance the impact of events, spanning from intimate single-room conferences to grand-scale concerts.

In a world that continually craves more vibrant, impactful, and dynamic experiences, our event technology services are not merely desired; they have become a necessity. As we elevate the quality of experiences, our technological contributions evolve from a mere preference to a critical requirement, growing in significance.
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Corporate Summary

Forty Two, Inc. DBA Forty Two Event Production operates in North America as an event and communication equipment rental, sales and solutions provider. It operates through Concerts and Events, Systems Integration and Venue Services.

The Concerts and Events segment provides live music, special events, expositions, and the producers thereof with necessary equipment and expertise. Offerings include A/V equipment, staging, lighting, audio systems, as well as other similar equipment along with staffing and labor crews.

The Systems Integration segment supplies facilities, communities and organizations with powerful expertly installed communications and entertainment equipment. This segment offers direct wholesale as well as design, installation, and management.

The Venues segment manages backstage operations at publicly and privately-owned facilities, including the provision of stage crew services, as well as equipment sale, resale, and rental.

Forty Two, Inc. was incorporated in 2006 and is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio.

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We invite you to embark on an investment journey where your capital doesn’t merely appreciate but resonates within an industry that is continuously expanding its reach and importance. Together, let us strive for financial success and technological excellence, achieving new heights in our pursuit of excellence. Contact us for information on current funding rounds or private placement opportunity.