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Your vision: our focus

At Forty Two, we believe that true value isn’t just about delivering a service—it’s about surpassing expectations at every turn.

quality production service matters.

When you partner with us for live event production, you’re investing in an ethos that promises more than just equipment; you’re investing in bringing your vision to reality. 

What’s Always Included:

  • Comprehensive Integration:  We ensure every component is on hand to flawlessly stage your event.

  • Expertise On-Site: We dispatch a team of seasoned professionals to every even.

  • Transparent Billing: There are no hidden fees or ambiguous labor hours.

  • Respect Above All: Your time is precious, and your spaces are sanctuaries of memories and experiences.

With Forty Two, Your Vision: Our Focus isn’t just a phrase—it’s a journey we embark upon together, ensuring every step echoes our shared values and vision.

popular services

  • Sound and Lighting

    Perfect for Concerts, Festivals, Special Celebrations, Sports Entertainment, and Televised Events

  • Entertainment Rigging

    From Truss and Motors to Expert Riggers and Comprehensive Inventory – We've Got You Covered. Discover More Today.

  • Video Presentation

    From Video Presentation to Multi-Camera Setups and Premium Graphics, We Bring Your Message to Life. Explore More Now

  • OnSite AC Power

    From Expositions to Televised Events and Concerts, Rely on Our Expertise for Safe, Seamless Power Distribution.

  • Crowd Control

    Blow Through Barricade and Bike Rack Fence are ideal for Concerts, Retail Spaces, Political Gatherings, and Sports Entertainment.

  • Stages and Risers

    From Hybridic Mobile Stages to Custom Surfaces, We Elevate Every Event Experience. Transform Your Venue Today.

  • Pipe and Drape

    Hybridic Mobile Stages, Ballroom Risers, Outdoor Stage Risers, and Custom Surfaces. We're Your Ultimate Event Ally.

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