We offer state of the art, all-in-one Payroll and HR support for the complex needs of Entertainment environments.

Entertainment payroll is done efficiently, quickly and securely

We help meet the demands of Live Event Venues and union productions, and freelance technicians and their complex payroll requirements. Whether it's a one-day engagement or a multi-week project our experts know how to provide the support and deliver the solutions you need. 

Get the industry-best experience and expertise to manage your production payroll.

  • Transparent pricing

    There are no extra fees. We quote each client biased on your specific requirements. We change a percentage of the gross pay thats it!

  • Accuracy guarantee

    We understand entertainment workers needs. Computers dont. 100% of our payroll batches are managed by a payroll pro.

  • Multiple pay rates and schedules

    Do you have more than one pay schedule? Do you use different pay rates for individual employees? No Problem

  • Workers’ comp and benefits

    We use your payroll data to update employment data to the carriers. Premiums are deducted automatically each time you run payroll.

  • Payroll per Engagment

    Run payroll as often as you like, or even choose multiple payroll schedules for different employees. It’s one cost for everything.

  • All tax filings and payments

    Avoid mistakes and save time. We handle all the federal, state, and local taxes, we guarantee our calculations