Bike Rack and Barricade

A major area of concern when advancing shows is deciding which type of barrier should be used in front of the stage as well as other areas of the venue to keep artists, crew, and patrons safe. We offer the two main types of barriers that are used in professional events.

Bike rack barrier is a great tool to help get a crowd organized into a specific area. You see them at sporting events, outside of stores on Black Friday to create lines, and around concert venues as fencing. They are not however, designed to hold up the weight of a large crowd.

Stage barricade (MOJO, blow through, etc.) is designed specifically for concert safety and is designed to be held in place by the weight of crowd themselves. They often have security steps on the backside, so the security team can effectively respond to issues in the front rows, and are strong enough to climb over in an emergency situation.

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