Powering Live Events Into the Future

Powering Live Events Into the Future: Forty Two Inc Invests $2 Million in State-of-the-Art Equipment and Highly Trained Staffing

As the world emerged from the pandemic and live events began making their triumphant return, Forty Two Inc has continued to be committed to supporting our clients and enhancing their event experiences.  We are thrilled to announce that we have made a significant investment of $2 million into our events and rentals division, Forty Two Event Production, since the pandemic’s end.  This investment series will ensure that our customers are able to meet their current and future event and communications requirements.

Continued Investment in High-Quality Products

To ensure that our clients have easy access to the latest and most advanced event technology required to meet riders and wow audiences we have acquired high-demand products from leading industry brands, such as GLP, D&B Audio, JBL, Martin Professional, Midas, Tyler Truss and MA Lighting.

This strategic investment includes

  1. Cutting-edge lighting solutions to create stunning visual experiences.
  2. Crystal-clear audio systems that deliver impeccable sound quality.
  3. Advanced control and mixing systems for the biggest concerts
  4. High-quality staging and rigging equipment to support flawlessly safe event execution.


By continuing to offer these state-of-the-art products, we are not only expanding our offerings but also enhancing our ability to deliver unparalleled event experiences to our clients. Learn More or order online at www.fortytwo4u.com/pricing.

Supporting the Live Event Resurgence

With live events back in full swing, Forty Two Inc is continuing to be at the forefront of the events and entertainment supply industry. Our investment in high-quality products and equipment will enable us to support a wider range of events, from concerts and corporate events to festivals and theatrical productions.

We are committed to helping our clients create memorable experiences that resonate with their audiences.

The Future of Forty Two Inc

This $2 million investment represents our unwavering commitment to our clients and our dedication to excellence in the entertainment, event, and AV technology services industry. As we continue to expand our capabilities and invest in the latest technology, we look forward to empowering our clients to create extraordinary live events.

We are grateful for the continued support from our clients, partners, and team members, and we are excited for the 2023 entertainment season and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates from Forty Two Inc as we continue to shape the future of live events!

About Forty Two Inc

Forty Two, Inc. (FTEP) is a North American company that provides entertainment, event and AV technology services through its subsidiaries. It’s main business segments include events (Forty Two Event Production), which supplies equipment and staff for events, as well as live streaming and broadcasting services; unified communications (Forty Two Systems Integrations), which designs and installs AV and telecom solutions for various clients; and Financial Services (Forty Two Financial Services), which offers payroll, HR and other industry specific financial products for entertainment, and entertainment venues. The company operates under the brand names of Fort Two, Forty Two Event Production, Forty Two Systems Integration, and Forty Two Financial Services.

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