Meet Justin Thomas

Meet Justin Thomas, the Director of Integrated Services at Forty Two Event Production (FTEP). With over 8 years of experience at FTEP, Justin is an expert in AV, lighting design, computer programming, and unified communication.

Born and raised in Warren, Ohio, Justin always had a passion for technology and entertainment. After completing his studies at Youngstown State University, he toured the world with iconic shows such as Disney on Ice, High School Musical and More. He joined FTEP in 2012 and has been a valuable asset to the company ever since.

Justin’s expertise in Crestron programming has allowed him to seamlessly integrate various systems and devices for FTEP’s clients. As the Director of Integrated Services, he oversees the company’s technology and programming operations, ensuring that every project is equipped with the latest and most efficient technology.

In addition to his professional achievements, Justin is a big fan of Broadway shows and can often be found singing along to his favorite musicals. With his technical knowledge, creativity, and passion for the industry, Justin Thomas is a true leader in the event production industry.

His dedication and hard work ethic have allowed him to do every job at FTEP, gaining him invaluable experience in every aspect of event production. Justin’s commitment to excellence and his ability to seamlessly integrate technology and entertainment make him an invaluable asset to FTEP and its clients.

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