JBL VTX V20 High Power Small Package

Extraordinary Performance in a Compact Format

Looking for an exceptional sound system that packs a punch in a compact format? Look no further than the VTX V20. This powerful 3-way system is built with the same advanced technology as the groundbreaking VTX V25, but in a smaller, more efficient package.

With its high power density and efficient transport system, the VTX V20 is perfect for fast setup and precise configuration. Plus, it delivers stable 105 degree horizontal coverage and effective line source array coupling in the vertical plane, making it ideal for any venue or event.

But it’s not just the VTX V20’s performance that’s impressive. It also features innovative components like Differential Drive Technology, a 4th generation advanced high frequency waveguide, and a small format version of the patented D2 Dual Compression Driver. And with the ASM Suspension System and V5 System Integration, this sound system is truly state-of-the-art.

So whether you’re a musician, event planner, or sound engineer, the VTX V20 is the perfect choice for exceptional sound in a compact format. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary performance – choose the VTX V20 today.



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