Transform Your Space with Crestron Shading Solutions

Window shades are an essential component of every smart home or modern company office, and the right motorized shades can enhance your facilities aesthetics and functionality. At Systems Integration by Forty Two, we’re passionate about Crestron Shading Solutions, and we’re excited to tell you why.

With over 400 different fabric textures available, Crestron allows you to choose from transparent, translucent, or blackout shades to match your room’s design. You can even test the fabric samples to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Crestron also offers various motorized window shade types, including roller shades, horizontal sheers, Roman shades, skylights, and custom draperies, allowing you to customize your window treatments to your taste and preferences.

Beauty That Lasts!

Roller Shades
Horizontal Sheers
Roman Shades
Custom Drapery

UV radiation from the sun can cause damage to your furniture, displays, and electronics, not to mention putting your health at risk. Fortunately, Crestron’s shades offer excellent UV blocking and can be scheduled to lower or raise based on the sun’s position, keeping you and your home protected throughout the day.

You can even design your own motorized shades using Crestron’s Design Tool for Shading Solutions, and with Color Match, you can match the shade color to your home decor.

Fabric color can be customized with our exclusive service!

Crestron Shading Solutions are eco-friendly, mold and bacteria resistant, built from green fabrics that don’t use PVC or lead, and are fire retardant, making them healthy for you, your employees and your family.

These shades are powered by Crestron’s Intelligent Power Supply, which can power up to ten motorized shades silently, and with a lifetime limited warranty, Crestron stands out in the home automation industry.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your design and efficiency with Crestron Shading Solutions. Contact us now to discover how we can help you achieve the perfect look and feel for your space. Let’s work together to bring your design to life!

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