Westside Bowl Invests in Custom Sound and Lighting Rig from Forty Two

Photo by Mollie Crowe (Little Blackbird Photo).

When Westside Bowl removed bowling lanes to make room for a 40′ x 30′ stage to house performances for touring artists. The owners wanted a truly premium audio and LX experience reminiscent of larger markets to grab touring artists on route from New York to Chicago and Cleveland to Pittsburgh. The SI team at Forty Two was presented with a few key issues: 1) the building was built in the 1960s and its lower ceilings created spotty acoustics, 2) the system needs to achieve high SPL so patrons could enjoy the house sound while bowling, playing games, and dining, and 3) it was important that we were able to create a solution that fit their needs and fell within their budget.



Forty Two’s SI team designed a classic style club audio system to both meet owners taste and budget. We implicated a full system with flown speakers and full assortment of equipment to meet any rider they are likely to encounter. Lastly, we installed a complete state of the art LX system from Martin Professional which was the dream child of the owners.



All photographs taken by Mollie Crowe (Little Blackbird Photo).


(4) JBL Custom 15″ x 2″ Point sources speakers

(6) JBL Custom Dual 18″ Speakers

(6) QSC PL380 Power Amplifier

(1) BSS London DSP

(2) Behringer X32 Digital Mixing COnsoles


Martin Professional Rush MH Par

Martin Professional Rush MH7

Martin Atomic 3000

1000′ of City Theatrical LED Tape

Martin M1 HD DMX Console

Radiance Tour Hazer

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