Reverb Making It Hard To Hear At Your House Of Worship?

St. Christine Upgrades Parish Sound to Custom System

After almost 60 years of serving over 2,000 households, the St. Christine Roman Catholic Church Parish in Youngstown invested in a custom sound system upgrade from Forty Two to solve three problems they continued to face. First, the floor to ceiling hard surfaces created reverbrance, causing major issues during mass as well as baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Secondly, they required a self-managed system as they have no technical staffing. And lastly, the room seats an impressive 1,700 and its large acoustics presented a challenge with audio balance and control.

Upon visiting the 15,000-square foot space, our team assessed and came to the conclusion that there was no “out of the box” solution that would suit what the Parish needed. So, a custom system was designed and built to overcome their core issues. We implemented a custom JBL speaker array and digital processing to actively control the frequencies identified to be highly reverberant in the space.


– One-touch operation

– Audio managed wireless microphones

– Clear, clean audio throughout the venue

Gear Used:


– Crown audio DCI 2/600

– Crestron system control and touch screen

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